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Hi My name is Liseth and one of the things I remember most when I was growing up was watching my grandmother sew fabric into the most beautiful creations. That's where my love for sewing came from. I love to travel and learn different cultures. As well hike and spend time with loved ones. My future goal: I hope to one day go to Thailand and Bora Bora.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just venting

Sometimes we just need to vent...doesn't it always same that when fixtures are needed it rains, well I'm helping my parents pay the bill for fumigation and plus we need a new roof on the house, new bathroom sink and fix a leaking pipe...eeek!

on top of this, work. I go in a happy mood and somehow others just try to stomp me down in their bitterness. Gossip, favoritism, lying etc...Whatever happened to the days that we could go to work and work, play nice. We have to be with each other 10hours a day why make it harder.

Well almost to Friday right :o) and thank goodness I'm off.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camp update!

2 weeks ago I went to Camp Ronald Mcdonald good times and what an experience. I got to be an actives counselor and was given the task of community service to make blankets to children/adults whom have long term stay in the hospital due to cancer

and did a nature activity.

In addition I was also attached to this cabin of boys
this was the cabin I was attached to after I was done with my day's actives

The children's day were full of actives from swimming, archery, adventure, games like minute to win it, horse back riding, dancing, as well as go up on a hot air balloon etc.

it was amazing seeing the children's faces light up and see them grow, to allow them to be children and forget of the battle of cancer they themselves or their siblings may be dealing with. I went into this camp feeling as a stranger and left feeling part of a family. I can't wait to go back next year.

In addition I've been featured in this blog:
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