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Hi My name is Liseth and one of the things I remember most when I was growing up was watching my grandmother sew fabric into the most beautiful creations. That's where my love for sewing came from. I love to travel and learn different cultures. As well hike and spend time with loved ones. My future goal: I hope to one day go to Thailand and Bora Bora.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Calling Bunny lovers!

Just a few weeks ago I won a little auction on 2 pairs of bunnies, I just love bunnies, I'm going to keep 1 pair and posted the other in my shop. After doing some research I found out they were made my Gladys Boalt, which has her signature on the bottom of the foot and signed 1983. she has such attention to detail, they have cute little whiskers and even a little baby bunny attached on the back of mommy bunny. It's funny because sometimes you just don't know what you'll find.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A little Silly

Sometimes we all need a little silliness in our lives...the other day my boyfriend and I went to Catalina Island, the day was a little gloomy so I brought a little fun and warm beanie to wear. I guess I threw people off when they saw a grown adult wearing a tiger beanie. I didn't think I would get so much attention with it. here were a few response I got from strangers walking by after they saw me in this:
* husband and wife walking by: I don't mean to scare you, but you have a lion on your head. *group of drunk guys: hee hee hee *couple on bicycle: ride by and had the biggest smile when they saw the hat *tour guide: your hat is so funny, so anyways where was I....