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Hi My name is Liseth and one of the things I remember most when I was growing up was watching my grandmother sew fabric into the most beautiful creations. That's where my love for sewing came from. I love to travel and learn different cultures. As well hike and spend time with loved ones. My future goal: I hope to one day go to Thailand and Bora Bora.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

green please!

So the last weekend I spent my time in my backyard. My poor backyard has only small patches of grass, it has come along way, though as my dad did tell me awhile back, what this yard needs disparately is good dirt. I finally had some extra cash and I bought some extra bags of dirt and put grass seeds on the bald spots and with the rain we have had lately I'm hoping it will make my dirt into nice green grass....wish me luck. here is a picture of what I started with, my dad was sweet to add the planters for me to grow veggies in them, I'll take a picture of how it looks now and post it next week: